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Former Viral Sensation "Big Al" Is Officially Back And Is STILL Hitting Dingers!

You remember Alfred "Big Al" Delia, the viral little leaguer who took over the summer of 2018 with his legendary intro that was shared by your uncle and every other person over the age of 42 on Facebook. Big Al was the perfect celebrity at that time, a chubby little LLWS kid who strictly hit, you guessed it, dingers. He was all over ESPN, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, everywhere. If this happened today the Washington Post probably would have tried to do some sort of hit piece on him, but back in 2018 he became a hero to everyone. All he did was hit us with a quick little intro where he said his name and simply stated that he liked to hit dingers, living the American dream. Well our little hero is all grown up and hitting dingers in a bigger ballpark now. 

Big Al hit his first varsity home run this week on his team's opening day and has officially lived up to his legendary introduction. Love it when things like this come full circle. This really is a great "who's back of the week" as well. Usually we never hear from these viral sensations, never a follow up on the "YAAAAAAAA" kid, no update on the "LeBron James" boy. This is a full "where are they now?" feature from Sports Illustrated. We know where Big Al is, and he's still hitting dingers. A lot of pressure off his back now I bet too. Would have been tough to have that video follow you around forever if you ended your high school varsity career with 0 dingers. Monkey is off his back, congrats to Big Al and welcome back to the spotlight my guy.

PS. Dudes Rock