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The First No Hitter Of The 2024 Season Comes From 30 Year Old Ronel Blanco, In Just His 8th Career Start!

Didn't have to wait too long for the first no-hitter of the year as it's April 1st and we now officially have the earliest no-hitter we've ever seen in the bigs. The no-no belongs to Ronel Blanco from the Astros who blanked the Blue Jays in 10-0 win. Hell of a day for the Astros to get their first win of the season as well.  Blanco had never gone more than 6 innings, was making just his 8th career start, and also probably wouldn't have made the team if not for the wild about of injuries to the Astros pitching staff. Talk about taking advantage of your opportunities, what a time to show up by Blanco. That's a tough Blue Jays lineup too. Dogs all over that lineup, but couldn't touch anything vs Blanco. This play by Abreu is the one you'll look back on as the web gem that saved it. 

Only walked 2, struck out 7 and didn't even have a high, laboring pitch count. Just a hell of a night by Blanco and his changeup.

 What a night for Blanco and the Astros and it caps a wild few weeks for him and his family. He found out he made the team last Tuesday, last day of the offseason really. He and his family also welcomed in a daughter earlier that day. So he finds out he makes the team, has another child, and throws a no-hitter within a span of 8 days, unbelievable. What a cool time for he and his family. Could be the 3 biggest moments of his life. He got a big time help from Jose Abreu over at first too, made a hell of a stop in the 9th to keep the no-hitter intact. Every single no-hitter has one, this was the play. 

Always cool to get a nice baseball story early on. Whether it's a no-hitter, someone flirting with a no-no, a big time offensive game like Ryan Mountcastle's 9-RBI day last year, the first big kinda performance is always a good reminder baseball really is back. Cool moment for Ronel and his family on a night they'll never forget.