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Angel Reese Placed A Crown On The LSU Bench Right In Front Of Caitlin Clark As She Warmed Up


So this might be the cockiest move I've ever seen.....and it's either going to come back to bite her in the ass or she's going to be able to talk as much shit as she wants and NO ONE can ever say otherwise. Right in front of Caitlin Clark while she warms up is CRAZY. The fact of the matter is that LSU is the defending National Champion, so Reese is the Queen until someone knocks her off, but my God, why poke the bear 2 minutes before tip-off? It doesn't appear that Angel Reese is one to care about shit talking, but she's certainly opening herself up to a lot of trolling if this doesn't go her way.....

I know you're not checking this blog for live updates but so far, so good for being the most hyped up women's game of all time. Caitlin Clark came out and hit a couple deep bombs and the crowd (including the 2 women's basketball guys at Barstool) were going crazy.

And just went it looked like the moment may be too big for LSU and they'd start to crumble, Angel Reese scored 8 straight points of her own.

31-26 LSU after 1. Is this game about to be played in the hundreds? Men's basketball may get set back 100 years if we get a UConn vs. NC State final, but Women's basketball may get catapulted for the next century if this game really ends with LSU scoring 120. 

My official stance: Go Iowa. That crown move is some bullshit, just like the ring finger pointing, and I really hope Caitlin Clark isn't very classy tonight if they win.