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Sabrina Carpenter Took The Internet Today With Her New Skims Ad

Kim Kardashian gets a lot of shit. I would say she deserves some of it, but she does not get enough credit for Skims. Not only is it a very successful company, but the releases this company has given the internet is undefeated. 

On top of it, the products have been a gift to men. The dresses are as elite as they get. 

Speaking of Skims, the success of the company has been nothing short of dominant. As of October 2023, the company is worth 4 BILLION dollars. From being founded by Kim Kardashian in 2019 to 4 billion in 4 years. Kanye deserves some credit too for the overall launch and logo.

Kim's success as a businesswoman will forever be whispered and given an asterisk. I, for one, will always be on the RESPECT KIM K train. Is she perfect? No, but her success is not normal. No one wants to work these days! Kim does!