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RIP, All-Pro Defensive Back Vontae Davis Passes Away At The Age Of 35

You always hate writing blogs like this. It's a horrible subject. Nobody ever wants to write about the death of another person. Also, there's almost no way to do it correctly. There's no way I can properly eulogize Vontae Davis. I'm only a fan who watched him play football, and laughed at his off the field antics. I don't know him as a person. But at the same time, Vontae Davis was a staple in the NFL for a decade. So something should be said about him. It's just a sad fucking situation all around, and it's terrible he passed at such a young age.

As a Colts fan, Vontae was one of the most reliable players I've had the pleasure of watching play. The man was a top tier defensive back for his entire stay in the NFL. On top of that, off the field, he was one of the more entertaining players in the game. Who could forget when he literally walked off the field and retired at halftime when playing for the Buffalo Bills.

But more importantly than one hilarious walk-off moment, Vontae Davis was an incredible defensive back.

There's really nothing more I can add to the story. I watched Vontae Davis play football for a long time. I loved him on the Colts. I thought he was a fun player to have in the league. He had as much irrational confidence as any other crazy defensive back in the league. Crazy confident defensive backs are always great to watch. And he had the right to be cocky. There's not a team in the league who wouldn't take a prime Vontae Davis right now. Shit, he probably could have got himself a contract to this day if he really wanted it.

As of now, nobody knows the cause of his death. So I'm not going to speculate on it. But your heart goes out to anybody who passes at the age of 35. Vontae Davis was an incredible football player, and an awesome personality. RIP Vontae. I'll never forget the moment you were traded to the Colts on Hard Knocks and immediately wanted to call your grandma. You will be missed.