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Idiot Jumps Into The Ring And Attacks Pro Wrestler, Promptly Gets Choked Out

While I don't have the complete context handy, from what I've gathered on Twitter I assume we had a classic "Still real to me dammit!" moment out of RUGGEDpro Wrestling in Iowa here….

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"All Steel" J Fowler won their Heavyweight Championship for the second time (as seen in the video below)….

….and some drunk idiot decided he'd heard enough shit talking from the heel and sprung into attack mode. You know - full on working yourself into a shoot. This happens every now and then (unfortunately too often in wrestling), even at WWE shows, where some imbecile thinks they're gonna play tough guy and jumps the barricade, and it's obviously always terrifying because you never know what the attacker could be holding - but luckily this guy had nothing but regret on him. Here's the breakdown of events:

-J Fowler wins the RUGGEDpro Heavyweight Championship and starts celebrating/gloating

-The asshole from the crowd rushes into the ring

-Jaxon King (in the teal blue tights) sees him coming and turns J Fowler around

-Jaxon King gets attacked - hit with a couple punches and taken down by this guy 

-J Fowler steps in and chokes him out

How about the dude's initial tap out, too? Just a light little tap on the mat like that was boys being boys. Just a lil roughhousing. Uh - hey dude, you just real life attacked a couple professional wrestlers because they hurt your feelings! Tap outs don't apply here….nor do rope breaks! This is now a No Holds Barred contest. You're lucky they didn't pull out the sack of thumbtacks under the ring!

Anyway, some guys came in and broke it up/escorted the "fan" out before anyone got too badly hurt, and that's huge. Shoutout to "All Steel" J Fowler for making the save and shutting the situation down very quickly, and also to the photographer who snagged this badass shot in the midst of chaos….

Here's an old clip of Stone Cold and Triple H (mostly just Triple H) dealing with one of these guys back in the day at a house show….

Like J Fowler paraphrased - plays stupid games, win stupid prizes.