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Proof We're Witnessing One Of The Craziest Runs In All Of Sports - NC State Had A .0097% Chance Of Winning 9 In A Row To Make The Final Four

This right here is why we need analytics, sabermetrics, whatever word you want to use here. Evan - who is awesome at this stuff - figured out all the pregame win probabilities to come up with the number of .0097%. That's the chance NC State had to go on this run to the Final Four and prove once again the NCAA Tournament doesn't need to be changed. This run all started in the ACC Tournament, an event they had to win to make the NCAA Tournament. 

So many coaches and quite frankly dumbasses keep talking about expanding the NCAA Tournament. They say we need to expand it because of all the teams in Division I now. They say we need to expand it so more teams have a chance at winning in the NCAA Tournament. What they aren't saying is they just want to expand it so major conferences have more chances at winning units for winning a game. 

Imagine how dumb it would be if NC State was 'safely' in the field just by making the ACC Tournament finals or something like that because there are 80+ teams in the NCAA Tournament. I'd be fucking furious. If anything this run by NC State is proving exactly why this is the greatest event in the world and doesn't need changed. They needed a miracle just to get to the NCAA Tournament. 

NC State is doing what every other team in the country has the right to do. Win your conference tournament and then win games in March. It's that simple! Nobody saw this coming, not even NC State fans. That's the beauty of this all. It's why there's no event like the NCAA Tournament. We get runs in other events, sure, but .0097%? That honestly seems high when you consider what NC State looked like heading into the ACC Tournament or the fact they were trailing to Louisville in a game that DJ Horne was sitting out. 

Now you have the entire country falling in love with DJ Burns. You have NC State fans screaming why not us and feels like 83. You have NC State fans showing up to Jim Valvano's gravesite to give him gifts: 

We hear about 'the magic of March' all the time. We're seeing it right now! Not to mention they are doing the impossible - being led by two guys with the same name. Feels wrong to have two DJ's. I said on Titus' show, you need an awesome name for a run. Shabazz, Kemba, Jimmer, etc. Those don't happen if it's Sean, Kevin and Jimmy. Hell even Cam Krutwig is a hell of a name. We're witnessing one of the greatest runs in all of sports, not just college basketball.