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Florida's Football Players Parking Lot Being Filled With $60,000 Cars Makes Me Laugh About The Time Jim Tressel Was Fired Because His Players Got Free Tattoos

So I'm not a huge car guy but I'm sitting by White Sox Dave and he has identified these as Dodge Challengers and Dodge Chargers, likely running about $60,000 each? If I'm completely wrong on that and have fucked up this blog from the beginning, please direct all complaints at White Sox Dave. 

Now you may be wondering, if you have no clue what you're talking about, then why are you blogging about it.....? I'll tell you why: because I'm still not over the fact that Jim Tressel got railroaded by the NCAA, lost his job, and got BANNED from coaching football in both the NCAA and NFL over probably knowing his players got free tattoos.

Yeah, I'm making this all about me. And I will continue to do so with all of these NIL deals that keep popping up. The fact of the matter is that when I decided I was going to Ohio State, we were the #1 team in the country, being quarterbacked by Terrelle Pryor, and being coached by Jim Tressel. And when I got there, we had an interim coach and went 6-7. So I sit back and cry / laugh every time I see what the NCAA has become (and already was, and everyone knows it). That cover was so serious that the headline was "HOW DEEP IT WENT" like it was the Watergate Scandal, or perhaps worse? And now we've got players making millions of dollars that have never even set foot on a college field yet. Look at some of these numbers.....

I still don't really comprehend the "valuation numbers". Are they getting paid that or not? But one thing I do know that all these dudes are getting is partnerships with car dealerships. Not a bad ride for some of these poor 18 and 19 year old Florida ballplayers…..

Florida fans are loving this. I'm not sure if a partnership with Dodge is enough to bring Florida back to being Back, but it certainly can't hurt. Plus, it's allowed Gators fans to make their favorite joke nowaways: