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UConn Is Currently Bolting Lamp Posts To The Ground Preparing For This Years National Championship Celebrations

Back in 2014, after UConn won their 4th national championship, a new tradition was born in Storrs after a lamp post went through the engineering building. 

Such a chaotic "riot" that Sean Hannity even had a segment about it on his show:

Fast forward to 2023, 9 years later, and UConn won their 5th national championship. You will not believe what happened at Storrs that night…

The final tallies on that night? 15 were hospitalized, 16 were arrested.

Now, UConn is preparing for a national championship by BOLTING the lamp posts into the ground:

Can't blame them. The campus was an absolute liability last national championship Monday. With it looking more likely that UConn will win it all than not (they are -200 currently), the school has to do what they have to do. Does it stink that a tradition is no more? Well, of course, but when a tradition may lead to a death….it's probably time to go. 

Am I a little bit concerned that this is a bad omen? Preparing for something that may not happen? Not really. 

1. I don't believe in ghosts

2. When else are they supposed to do it? Have to prepare for anything. They probably should've done this earlier in the year.