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Man Gets LAUNCHED From His Car Like You Can't Imagine After Barrel Rolling Into The Ocean

My jaw legitimately dropped when I watched the above video for the first time. I had to scroll back and watch it a few times over to make sure I wasn't getting got, like all the grandmas that think GTA footage is real life....

....but after roughly ten thousand playbacks of that disaster - I think this insanity is somehow real?!

I have no idea what the driver's original goal was here, but I was NOT prepared for:

A) how many times that truck flipped on a dime outta nowhere

B) how far the driver got tossed into the atmosphere like a ragdoll 

C) how calmly he walked away afterwards

As Feits pointed out on Twitter, the hands-on-hip walk away is so god damn funny. Dude just got into a once-in-a-lifetime accident you'd have to see to believe, he's lucky to even be alive - and he's walking outta the ocean like he's just a little winded from walking up a hill or something....

This video almost reminds me of the old video game 'FlatOut' - which if you don't remember, made you get into such vicious accidents that your driver's body would fly through the windshield of your car into objectives and point buckets like a really morbid virtual Top Golf or something. They had stuff like darts and bowling - but the human body was your dart/ball….

I wasn't allowed to play most Rated M games when I was little, but somehow FlatOut snuck in at a "T" for "Teen" and opened my eyes to the most gruesome car accidents I could imagine at 6 years old….and made them fun! Insanity - but I digress.

Add the original video this blog was about to the long list of "GTA in real life" clips that society has given us over the past couple years….

Depending on how good the GTA VI graphics are, I think the GTA/real life line is just gonna get more and more blurry from here on out. Pretty scary to think about, but hey - maybe one of us will find the cheat codes to life on day. If you ever see me rockin a jetpack you'll know I did.