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Luka Doncic Made A 20 Foot Layup In The Most Absurd Shot Of The Basketball Season

Logan Riely. Getty Images.

Mavs vs. Rockets last night was must see TV for any hoop heads last night. Two teams on separate 10 game win streaks with three guys that are making eye popping plays on a nightly basis in Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, and Jalen Green. The game also had the return of an interesting prospect in Cam Whitmore and rookie Amen Thompson is a freak athlete is a league of insane athletes. 

Early on in the game, it was clear Luka was in the zone. We should've known pre-game.

He finished with 22 points in the 1st Quarter.

But when Luka Magic hangs it up and we look back on his career highlight tape, this shot might be the headliner. The ultimate trick shot. A 20 foot layup with the shot clock running down against a very good defender in Jabari Smith Jr.

I recorded it instantly and listening to the Rockets broadcast was hilarious for this shot.

What a shot. What a player. The Magic Man, Luka Doncic.