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You're Either Rich (Or Grew Up Spoiled) If You Refuse To Eat The End Pieces Of A Loaf Of Bread

So who cares other than my girlfriend (she says she doesn't) but I've gained 15 pounds in my first 3 weeks in Chicago. I've gone from having to pack my lunch every day and pay for my meals to having nonstop snacks and drinks on hand, paired with lunch being provided frequently. And it's not like it's PB&Js. We're talking pizza, chicken fingers, subs, etc etc etc out the ass. Literally. And then I stream the games at night and get even more Canes. I love every single thing about this new life, but pairing the surplus of free food with my new sedentary (blogging this from a couch) lifestyle and it's become quite the health problem. So I started my diet today and tweeted out my lunch....

.....and I got assaulted.

I'm shocked how many people had this take. Like, I noted it was an end piece on my tweet because I know it's somewhat of a rarity, but it never once crossed my mind that I was doing anything wrong. It's the first slice of a loaf of bread, so you eat it, and then you eat the rest, and then you eat the last end piece. Do people really waste it? Throw them away? Must be nice to be able to grow up throwing food away. But the hate kept coming, including this unnecessary chirp from the clouds. 

But the point remained the same: eating the end pieces of bread made me….tough? Gritty? An Ohioan? That's insane. The end piece of bread is just fine, but it's especially good for toast, dipping in eggs, or the occasional hot dog bun if you need one. 

I had to get to the bottom of it. Am I crazy or is the end piece of bread a completely normal thing to eat? We took an office vote (minus the boys getting a win at the Cubs home opener).

Not giving away the answer and instead making you click on my TikTok, but the outcome certainly surprised me.