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Stop And Watch Rico Bosco Lose His Shit And Be Ready To Leave It ALL On The Line...Over Something He Completely Misheard

Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! Hide every delicious high noon can within an arm's reach! It's the day after a holiday weekend and Sir Rico Bosco was confirmed ON ONE. It didn't matter what he heard or the actual facts, Rico was ready to lay it all on the line. For collegiate women's basketball, no less. Gotta love our Bosco. Probably. 

Credit to Bosco/therapy...it was a decent question. Roll Tide, Rico. Roll Tide. Also, that's a normal elephant trunk. Find a new slant. 

In case you haven't noticed, and judging by the attendance viewership you haven't, some of the Picks Central crew have managed to win a few ball games and are threatening to climb out of the cellar. I personally enjoy the weekend after fading the Mets/Frank The Tank to wrap up a month on top in the land of units: 

Final PC March Standings: 

Smitty: 20-13, +8.04u 

Klemmer: 10-5, +4.8u 

Marty: 78-81-1, -11u 

Rico: 83-114, -16.38u 

Big Ev: 68-90-1, -25.93u

Mostly thanks to the start of the MLB season and loving the sport of baseball. However, the newest hardo stick figure in the office attempted to take his Mets being useless out on me today, too. 

Is this the most out of place "Don't talk down to me motherfucker!" in the history of talking down? Good grief, Kirk's skeletal system. Take a deep breath and Hakuna Matata, one time man. Love people saying off of one social media clip "He doesn't know baseball!" over a gambling show in which we (at least attempt) to pick winners and I'm providing everyone with the inside Vegas analytics/bets. I've written wayyyy too many 2012-2019 Phillies blogs about baseball players that shouldn't have existed in The Show in the first place (no offense but major offense to the likes of Marlon Byrd, Odubell Herrara, and Ben Revere's noodle arm) to be told I don't know anything about baseball. But if you feel that way, fade away baby. Fade away. Draftkings makes it easy - HERE. Responsibly. 

Braves/White Sox o9 

Sean Manea o5.5K +105

Mets ML 

Orioles ML

Mariners/Guardians u8

Bowden Francis u4.5K 

Giants ML +170

Go teams. #DKPartner