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Police Body Cam Footage Leaked from the Aftermath of that Dude Trying to Open My Plane Door and It Gets NUTTY

In January there was a little incident on a flight I was on which I'm sure most of you heard about.

Well ever since it happened I've been able to find zero information on the guy who tried opening the door, nothing about why he did it, where he was from, what the consequences were, etc. However, as you can watch for yourself above, I just found 35 minutes of police body cam footage from the aftermath of this ordeal which seems to kinda answer at least one of my questions. The body cam footage starts once the police board the plane to find the man in the back row where we had handcuffed him, and ends with him being questioned by detectives at the Albuquerque Police department, which is when things start to get NUTTY. Below I've subtitled the clip where he attempts to explain his motive for aggressively trying to open our plane door after take off. (Side Note: He does state that he does not have a history of mental illness nor was on any medication at the time of the incident) 

So just to recap…this guy was on his way to Toronto to meet a lady named Lil. He thinks Lil is his wife but doesn't know her last name or phone number, only has an address he found on her youtube page. Lil is the mother of everything, and he is the father of everything, and to prove his faith to Lil, she asked him to open the airplane door. This creates a lot more questions than it answers. Who knows maybe he was just trying to get laid. Wouldn't be the first time a man has done something remarkably stupid in pursuit of pussy. Or…this chick Lil really did recruit him into some sort of cult and convince him he's God. Not the closure I wanted but hey at least it's something! 

I've only skimmed through the rest of the video so only other things I'll note for now is

1. I was unfamiliar with our pilot's mustache game

2. Brandon Walker really was the perfect guy to play the perpetrator in the plane incident reenactment we did on the Yak. Spitting image!

P.S. American Airlines has still not offered me any sort of flight credit for my actions apprehending this whack job. Very close to calling in Big Cat for an all-time skull fucking. On the bright side Jose Cuervo is flying me to Mexico for Cinco De Mayo because I mentioned tequila in my original tweet about the incident so I really can't complain.