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You Will Not Believe The Differences Between Chicago Cubs and White Sox Games

I sent this tweet out the other day, and it's safe to say that a lot of Cubs fans got their feelings hurt. I don't know why a fan base would be butthurt over someone saying that your fan base has far superior birds, but that's a story for another day. Let me make something perfectly clear; I love Wrigley. Going to a Cubs game is by far one of the best experiences in Chicago. Despite my hate for the game of baseball, there is nothing I'd rather do on a summer day than go to a Cubs game. Going to a Cubs game in the summer is like a national holiday. When you hop off the redline and walk up to Wrigley Field, it's like walking into a giant music festival. There's at least 50,000 people decked out in Cubs gear pounding ice-cold brews, I love it. The point I was trying to make wasn't that Cubs games provide you with a shit experience, I was simply stating that Cubs games are like a giant music festival while White Sox games are like an underground house music show.

If you're not familiar with music festivals, allow me to explain. Let's take Ultra, for example. Ultra is a music festival that takes place in Miami every year. Hundreds of thousands of people from all across the world fly in for this experience. Even people who can't name a single DJ on the lineup will pay hundreds of dollars just for the experience. That's what Cubs games are. Thousands of people who couldn't care less whether they win or not flock in so they can soak in the Wrigley experience. I don't blame them. Who wouldn't want to sip brew, watch a little baseball, and then bar crawl at some of the best bars in the city? I know I would! Which is why I do it almost every weekend.

The White Sox, on the other hand, are an underground house show. An underground house show doesn't have half of the attendance that an event like Ultra does, but all the people at the underground house show are there for the music. I've been to my fair share of underground shows and I can tell you firsthand that everyone at those shows has problems, but that's the beauty in it. We're not there to take selfies and post videos on our story. We're there to get fucked up and get lost in the music. That's the Chicago White Sox. Instead of having 400 bars to choose from, the Sox have two. Instead of pregaming at the bars, they tailgate. I've never seen anyone tailgate a baseball game. It was like I was back in Miami tailgating for a Dolphins game; it was amazing. In my opinion, that's what a TRUE sports environment looks like. A bunch of sick folks grilling and slugging bottles that they brought from their house.

Both teams are beautiful in their own way. I just believe that if you're looking for that true sports, ready to go to war with your dogs environment, you go to White Sox Games. If you want an all-day event filled with bars, beautiful women, and baseball, you go to a Cubs game.