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The NFL Apparently Has Legitimate Interest In Legendary Big Man D.J. Burns

Everyone in America is captivated by NC State big man D.J. Burns. He's the face of this year's NCAA Tournament and the guy everyone is talking about, apparently even including NFL general managers and scouting directors.

Burns is listed at 6'9", 275 pounds, but it doesn't take a Mensa member to deduce that he's either much shorter than 6'9" or a biscuit away from 315. And that frame would generally lend itself more to playing football rather than basketball in the first place, but not when you have a feathery touch and the footwork of a ballerina. It seems like that rare combination has NFL scouts the most intrigued in Burns of any professional league, though.

What an unbelievable story it would be if NC State was able to somehow finish off this miraculous run with a national championship and then Burns immediately declares that he's entering the NFL Draft just a couple weeks later. I know all of America, myself included, would love to see him get a shot in the NBA, but that just doesn't seem very realistic, even with how amazing he's played this season and throughout the NCAA Tournament. Burns walking right onto an NFL team and earning a starting job, however, seems like more of a possibility and is also a Disney+ comedy starring Anthony Anderson waiting to happen.

Let's just focus on the Final Four before we worry about the NFL, though. We need D.J. totake down Zach Edey for the good of the country.