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We Are Officially Getting A New Taylor Swift Album This Month

HAPPY APRIL!!!! April is significant for a number of reasons, but the biggest this year is the fact that we have officially entered the Month Of The New Taylor Swift Album., rain, freak 60 degree days and equally freaky 30 degree days will all be upon us, but my sights are set on 19 days from now. The Tortured Poets Department will be released at midnight on April 19th, and it's the only thing that matters. 

Gia and I have been talking about it nonstop on Taylor Watch, but finally it feels like we're close enough now, that we don't sound like we're talking about Christmas in July. I'm personally in a time in my life where all I want to do is drape myself over a chaise while reading and writing poetry...floor to ceiling windows open, breeze flowing in and my chiffon curtains billowing around like I'm Daisy Buchanan. 

Based on everything we've glimpsed of this album (which isn't much, Taylor has done zero public promo outside of the announcement at this point) I couldn't be more excited about our new collective personality. This one will be easy for me as its already engrained in my bones. I'm hoping this album is for the girls who would climb trees and read books as kids or get hype for the full moon. Those of us who look out over the lake and think, "I love him....but I love me more." My fellow melancholia mamas who have strokes of genius at 2, 3, 4am, and pour themselves back into bed around dawn. In April we're getting champagne drunk, letting the tears flow freely and expelling the evils that have taken hold of us for far too long. 

(Seriously, this is how I'm going to be talking for a while. Super, mega drama with double meanings to every statement and passive aggressive reactions to life, heavy on the passive. I can't wait. As usual, just when I need someone to hold my hand, Taylor Swift is here to help.)