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The Videos of Rashee Rice Allegedly Causing, and Walking Away From, a 6-Car Accident are Horrifying

David Eulitt. Getty Images.

The past few days represented one of the busiest travel weekends on the calendar. With millions of Americans hitting the road to visit loved ones. Families gathering with their elderly parents and grandparents. Students coming home for the holiday. Folks taking part in religious observances. Friends getting together to enjoy one of the best sports seasons we have. Star athletes bombing down a crowded highway, racing Muscle Car vs. Muscle Car with zero regard for the human lives around them. 


It's widely assumed that the Corvette in this video belongs to Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice:

And that he abandoned the car where it came to a stop and walked away from the scene:

TMZ - The car accident that cops say Rashee Rice's vehicle was involved in was a mess on the side of a freeway in Dallas. …

Not only do you see what it all looked like once first responders arrived … but eyewitnesses tell us [images] capture some of the guys who were allegedly in the 2 cars involved in causing this mess -- and you can see them casually leaving the scene.

There are 5 dudes, specifically, in question here … and we're told once the dust had settled on the accident, they all popped out of the Corvette and the Lambo -- both of which are alleged to have been speeding before things went south -- and walked away along the side of the freeway. Unclear where they went, and unclear if Rashee himself was in the mix.

So yes, at this point, the prudent thing to do is include every qualifier we can while discussing this. Allegedly. Reportedly. Possibly. Unclear. All that stuff that puts a smile on the face of the in-house corporate lawyers. There's no definitive proof right now that Patrick Mahomes' second favorite target is a member of America's Irresponsible Street Racing community. It's up to all of us to uphold Rice's presumption of innocence. 

It's also up to all of us individually to look at this video of him driving down his Cul-de-Sac past the adoring neighborhood kids as he left for the Super Bowl and ask ourselves if his car looks like one we saw making some midsized SUV the meat in a Land Rocket sandwich: 

The Dallas Police Department seems to think it is:

And Rice has lawyered up:

Which of course doesn't mean we should presume he was involved. Either in the crash, or the extremely serious charge of leaving the scene of an accident. One where there were multiple bodily injuries. As Hunter S. Thompson put it, even Satan deserves good counsel. 

But just because you have every right to an attorney doesn't mean lawyering up doesn't make Rice look suspicious as hell in this case. If it's not his car, he wasn't involved in any way, he was nowhere near the scene and just on his way to Easter services when all this went down, it's an open and shut case. Something that could be settled with a two minute conversation with the Dallas PD. If he's exercising his right to remain silent, he's in a world of trouble right now. 

If Rice can't demonstrate he was not all involved in this, all the ills of the world are heading his way. A criminal case. Personal injury lawyers coming at him from all directions with lawsuits. And not just the guys with billboards on the highway with their arms folded claiming you'll get what's coming to YOU, but the actual good attorneys. 

And perhaps costliest of all, the NFL. It can't be good business for a league that's trying to prove it's so obsessed with health and safety that they're practically eliminating kickoffs and outlawing the most basic tackles, to then turn around and ignore a Super Bowl champion who just (possibly) walked away from a multi-car pile up he (reportedly) caused, without so much as checking on the (apparently) injured parties or calling 911.

And on that note, perhaps it's time to start looking at the Chiefs "Dynasty" and ask whether or not they're so obsessed with winning that they're willing to draft players and hire coaches with terrible character issues. Just ignoring the red flags that have made these men unemployable to every other team. At the very least, it might be time to start taking away draft picks and handing down massive fines. Sure, winning is great. But at what price, Andy Reid? At what price?