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Drake's Testicle Pendant Is Absolutely Nuts

I'm not typically a jewelry guy. I only wear a wedding ring and occasionally I'll toss on my favorite Brick brand watch if I'm going to a nice dinner. I toss that bad boy and head out to the Olive Garden for a little something special I call a Tour De Italy and finish the meal with a light roasted coffee and tiramisu. It's wonderful. 

If you want a watch, Mintzy has you covered. 

When I throw on that watch and pair it with my finest of outfits, I feel like a million dollars. I feel rich. I feel fancy. I feel, and I don't wanna overstep here, sexy. 

That's just with a really nice watch. Imagine how I'd feel if I pulled over glistening and beautiful testicles bedazzled with diamonds and titanium nut veins. People would be lining up to fuck my brains out. 

Lots of people are poo-pooing this necklace. It's because they don't get art. Uncultured!

Testicles, like any body part, have a unique form and shape. An artist might find aesthetic value in their curves, symmetry, or the way they interact with surrounding anatomy, namely the taint. The testicles also don't come in the same shape or size. From subtle shades of pink and beige to deeper rich and dark hues, artists might find inspiration in the palette of colors which is certainly the case here. I wish the video above was in 4k because that looks like rose gold to me. Beautiful!

In some cases, artists may use ball bags to provoke or challenge the viewer's sensibilities. Are you nervous about a nut necklace? If you are, you shouldn't be. Testicles are beautiful but diamond-crusted balls make the dick hard and the pussies wet. It's as simple as that. I applaud art and this art gets a standing ovation. 

PS: I don't think Drake actually got this but it would be sick if he did. Big pendant for a guy with a big dick (allegedly).