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UConn's Alex Karaban Confirms The Latest NCAA Tournament Conspiracy Theory - The Balls Are Inflated Too Much And That's Why Nobody Can Shoot

I've seen this everywhere recently. The NCAA Tournament balls are inflated with too much air leading to disasters shooting the ball: 

But now we have Alex Karaban confirming there seems to be too much air in the ball. That's a guy on a team steamrolling everyone and even he had to comment on it. There's only one right thing to do. Replay the entire Tournament. I'm starting to think Gohlke was up to something if he was the only one to shoot the hell out of the ball. Something had to be off there, surely not Calipari refusing to learn how to defend him. Had to be the ball. 

I don't know how this keeps happening, but it's far from the first time we've had an NCAA Tournament ball problem. 

And according to research unders are 33-27 so far in the NCAA Tournament. Could be guys 'trying' harder on defense, which doesn't check out as much. Could for sure be a lack of shooting thanks to over inflated balls. Here's my thing. Why? If everyone is complaining about the balls being inflated too much, why not do something about it? We don't want to watch bricks. We want to watch teams fly around and put up points. We already saw Virginia and Colorado State play. That sucked, no one wants that again. 

I know we have Alabama, but even they had a game where they shot 25% from three. We can scream about shooting variance, but where's the fun in that? Let the guys decide before the game how the ball should be inflated. Each team sends out one player and they agree on it, just like pick up when you decide what ball to play with. Give us points.