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Towing This Woman From Her Own Paid Parking Spot Is Reason #504,035,273 Why Tow Truck Companies Are The Scum Of The Earth

I know that the country is divided on who to cheer for tonight between Caitlin Clark and Iowa vs. Angel Reese and LSU.....but I think one thing we all can agree on is that tow truck drivers are the scum of the Earth. Like, these dudes sit at the corners of streets, hidden from view, preying on spots where someone may run into a business for two seconds to drop off a check, and then they second they're out of site, they pounce. 

....and it costs you $300+ and a few hours of your time to get your car back.

........and if you come back to your car before they're done, the only way they'll stop the process is if you pay them in cash. Hmmm, wonder why?

Anyways, at least when you park in the wrong spot, even if it's for 10 seconds, you did something wrong. Don't do the crime unless you can't do the crime, I guess. But that's the not the case with this old lady today, who has been paying to park at her apartment complex for 15 years, and she still got towed while being in the proper spot.

"Tuesday morning, I went outside to my regular gym appointment. My car wasn't there. My first thought, ‘Was my car stolen?’".

It turns out that her car was not stolen, but it was towed.

When she asked an apartment manager about her car, she was told she had made an error. "She said, ‘Oh, it is one number off. That is the reason your car was towed,’"

The way the story goes is that the apartment complex just switched over towing companies, and the old ladies license plate was entered incorrectly. She had a 2 instead of a 3. A fat finger mistake. But let's not act like the car in the spot was licensed HRS-2175 when it should've been XFQ-5832. No, one of the 8 digits was literally off by 1 number. Even a moron could figure out that this was the case, but nope, the tow truck driver said.....it's more likely that this is a one in a billion coincidence, and he towed it. Either that or he was a fucking dickhead.

What sucks even more is the lady isn't getting her $350 back because she typed in the number wrong. How is this possible....? Yes, she typed one number wrong, but how can the new towing company or the apartment complex not be like, hey, we understand. You were in your proper

Nope, they're all out for money. Fuck apartment complexes and especially fuck tow companies. Although, if you feel differently, apparently you can get your Thin Yellow Line shirts:

What a fucking weird country we live in….

Anyways, I'm obviously on Team Old Lady with this story. Can we sue? Or is she fucked because she typed the number in wrong? I just can't understand how someone in their right mind would think a Grey Honda Civic with the license TER-1234 needs to be towed from the exact spot a Grey Honda Civic with the license TER-1334 was parked. From an apartment complex. The only possible explanation is that this tow truck driver is just like the rest of them…..a fucking asshole. I hope this lady gets a million dollars somehow.