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Wife Cheats on Her Husband To Teach All of Us A Very Important Lesson

This Polish commercial was done by our good friends and longtime Stoolies over at the city of Trojemiasto, Gdynia's public service team and it's unbelievably effective.

When I first left the Marine Corps, my memory was fucked. It's gotten some better over the years. It goes back and forth. My doctor at the VA recommended that I get a placard so that I could park closer in order to help me spot my car if I forgot where it was. 

I couldn't do it though. I couldn't park in those spots at school because they were limited and I would want to KMS if I saw someone in a wheelchair or without a limb struggling while I able-bodied my way from class while singing in my head. I also sing to myself when I walk a long way. It's enjoyable. 

I've also been known to ONLY use the handicap stall because your boy needs room if I'm taking a twoser at Barnes and Noble. The smell or that book store is like olfactory coffee. The moment it hits, it hits and I shits. That's just a fact of life...

If parking in a spot is the same thing as a dude wheeling in and spending the night with my spouse on a tiny couch and then patting me on the shoulder as he leaves, count me out. I will park in the back of the lot or just Uber everywhere I go. Expensive to be sure but worth it. Well worth it. 

If you're reading this and need to park in one of these spots, please do not fuck my wife. It will make me very sad!