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Will Compton Will Probably Somehow Still Get Mad At Me But You Have To Respect His Effort Going All Out In A Potato Sack Race

I already know Will is going to somehow spin this like I'm being negative. He's known to thrown a grenade at my head after making a simple dig like he did when I came after his painting. 

He feels he needs to mentally dominate me, in addition to physically dominating me. 

But I promise I come in peace here. 

Saw this video surface, and cannot express enough how perfect this video is, and how impressive it is just how much effort old Willy Hops gives. I know going full hardo is frowned upon, but there's also a little charm in refusing to lose. Some guys are too cool for school and don't want to get their hands dirty, not Will. He sees one thing winning … 

Look at this effort 

It's real simple. Some people see a recreational sack race … others see winning and losing. I much rather have the guy in my locker room who's wired the second way. All out effort. All ticker. Shoutout Will for going all out when it matters (and to be honest maybe even when it doesn't).