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OnlyFans Banned? A Top Model Explains Why The Prudish Congressperson Is A Prude and Wrong

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Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO) orchestrated the passage of a pair of laws, known as FOSTA/SESTA, targeting sex workers. Now, she’s launching a new war on OnlyFans.

According to XBiz’s Gustavo Turner, Wagner recently accused the subscription-based platform of pushing illegal child porn videos and facilitating sex trafficking. “It is absolutely unconscionable,” she told Reuters in March. “These findings confirm what my office has known for years: Americans are being sexually exploited on OnlyFans. Congress and federal law enforcement must do more.”

I take it Wagner doesn’t subscribe or post on OnlyFans, but I do. And as one of the top earners on the platform, I know her accusations aren’t just far-fetched—they contradict the very nature of the website.

Man oh, man. Just wait until my good ball Glenny Balls gets a whiff of this shit. He's gonna have the Glenny Ballers out in full force to defend the OnlyFans game. 

Now, I'm not someone who subscribes to OnlyFans but I do get horny from time to time. In fact, I've only subscribed to one OnlyFans creator and that was when one of the super fats from 1000lb Best Friends had one. I needed to see what was happening there. It made me wanna puke a little so I deactivated the account and put my computer in the freezer. Cant have a device in my house that will show me images like that just by clicking, creating an account, uploading my ID, adding my credit card, and pressing subscribe. It was too quick of a transaction and for that, I was horrified. 

But, my computer was safe in the freezer. It couldn't hurt me at all in those icy temps. 

The whole article from Cherie DeVille was well written and she taught me stuff about OnlyFans that I didn't know. For instance, "Say I am communicating with a fan on the site. They try to type “meet up,” but OnlyFans won’t even let them send the message; it blocks them. In another scenario, I could say in a video, “Hey, do you guys want to meet up?” OnlyFans would immediately remove that content and likely kick me off the platform. It’s impossible to facilitate prostitution between adults on OnlyFans, let alone child prostitution."

Im not sure where all this legislative action from different states and now federal-level interest in porn came from, but I do not like it. Now, I'm not one who looks at porn because the only thing I need to nut is the Lord but lots of my friends enjoy masturbating to strangers having sex in very cool positions and I think they should be able to. 

PornHub is being forced out of states because there is still, somehow, morality laws in states. Some states, like the one I just moved from, don't allow you to bet on sports, purchase weed, buy alcohol before 10am on Sundays, buy Costco-branded liquor, and on and on. I can deal with getting a 12er the night before because I know I'll need it before the tailgates start.

But what about if I get unexpectantly horny? Am I supposed to pull out my id and cock at the same time? Not me. Not today. Not ever. 

In summary, do something important instead of worrying about OnlyFans, ya bunch of losers. If you don't like looking at milf tits or people getting fingered in their butts, don't like or subscribe. It's as simple as that. #DontTreadOnMe