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Shoot Your Shot: NC State Kid E-Mails His Professor That He's 'Lit af' Celebrating A Final Four, Gets A Test Postponed For The Class

Would I ever use the term 'lit af'? No. I'm old and that's something I can guarantee will never come out of my mouth. That said, the fact the kid signed the email 'love' is fucking hilarious. That's how you make a point. You don't just say sincerely or something like that to a professor. You gotta sell the fact you're celebrating a Final Four and the only way to do that is the nicest way possible. 

It worked too! Of course it worked, things like this should always work vs a test. Tests can happen whenever, there's no reason to have a test the day after Easter anyways. Monday tests are bullshit. You made a Final Four for the first time since 1983, you're the only school (so far) with a men's team and women's team in the Final Four. That's priority number 1 in Raleigh, not whatever test this is. Pretty sure it's a test our guy Quigs took. He turned out fine! 

Good for the professor too. We all know about the hard ass teachers, who don't enjoy sports and refuse to have any sort of fun. But sending out the email that you were convinced because a dude e-mailed him is perfect. That's how you etch yourself as a top tier professor. Give everyone a day or two to recover and give them the test on Wednesday. Just smart planning by the teacher here for something that's easy to do. 

It's a good lesson though. Just ask for shit and good chance you get it. What's the worst the professor can say here? No? Big deal. I keep saying it because it's true. College isn't real. You can get away with shit like this because it's just a test. Go celebrate, enjoy the run to the Final Four and worry about this test on Tuesday night when you start studying.