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Taunting Duke Fans Mid-Game, Mocking Duke Players, Nikola Jokic Admitting He Loves His Game - The Legend Of DJ Burns Keeps On Growing

These three videos right here sums up how we all feel about DJ Burns. He's got the number 1 approval rating in America for anyone. He's a good dude who has won over America's heart the last 3 weeks basically. He's even won over Nikola Jokic! Do you know how special you have to be for Nikola Jokic to give a shit about basketball? That's DJ Burns. That might be the ultimate compliment for DJ Burns - once had Nikola Jokic admit he stayed late to watch basketball. 

But then there's the simplicity of what he did. Telling Duke fans their season is over, the throat slash is perfect. Actually telling the ref sorry he's just talking to the fans and no one else, smart. Clear yourself of a technical - gotta be careful with Doug Sirmons out there. You know these Duke nerds were probably saying things like 'oh we have 5 titles' and typical Yankee fan shit talking. Might have even been worse with something like academics instead of actual basketball shit talking. So DJ Burns had to let them know. Good. You should always talk shit back to your rival's fans no matter what. If you end their year, you own bragging rights no matter what happens in the Final Four. 

The Instagram post though? That's where the beauty actually lies. Duke is a known TikTok team this year. Jared McCain is a TikTok phenom basically. 

Posting the IG with them dancing as a guy falls for a pump fake is so beautiful. It's the sort of trolling that should be complimented. You can hit them with the basic stuff, but this is how you do it and really bring it all full circle. Really it just shows how the legend of DJ Burns keeps growing. The guy who started at Tennessee, was dominant at Winthrop and is now a star at NC State. I know it shouldn't be surprising when you remember he was the No. 3 prospect in HS out of South Carolina - behind two guys named Zion and Ja. But here we are. His ability to just be in control of a game is why NC State is in a Final Four for the first time since 1983. Now he knocked Duke out and is mocking its fanbase. You love to see it.