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NC State Is America's Team. DJ Burns Is America's March Hero.

This right here is the hero we needed all along. We fell in love with Gohlke. We had a fling with Yale and Grand Canyon. But the man who was here for us all along is a man who owns vending machines and is simply America's Favorite Big Fella

This is the main reason we're looking at a Final Four without Duke. A Final Four that was saved many would say. No one wants to see Kyle Filipowski crying and flailing all around as Jon Scheyer slowly transforms into the rat known as K. Remember when Filipowski was out for the year due to court storming? That's the team you wanted in the Final Four? Not in my life, not in any person's life who has a brain. 

But my God, what a run for NC State. They were tied with Louisville in the first round of the ACC Tournament! They needed a buzzer beater prayer to force OT with Virginia! Then this. 

A slow start today? Who cares. DJ Burns with two fouls? Buddy, that means nothing. Refs clearly trying to help Duke scratch and claw their way back in - allow the coolest kid in America to relay our feelings

I said it before but NC State doesn't feel like Cinderella. I don't know if it's because of the name or the ACC or the run they've been on, but they don't feel like George Mason or Loyola or VCU or anything like that. They look the part. They look like a team who should be playing in the Final Four. 

Kevin Keatts is a winner.

PS: We should have known in this moment a run was going to happen