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How'd Juan Soto's First Series as a Yankee Go? He Turned Into Superman And Destroyed The Astros, As New York Won All Four Games In Houston

Tim Warner. Getty Images.

I don't know how I've lived this long without Juan Soto in my life. For years the Yankees have brought in the Joey Gallos of the world who want nothing to do with the bright lights and big moments that come with wearing the pinstripes. Juan Soto lives for that shit. He wants it. This at bat against Hader in the 9th to take the lead was fucking incredible. 


Guy is up there against one of the best closers in the sport, lefty on lefty, and spitting on pitches that are missing by inches. He's always in total control of his at bats, giving nightmares to any pitcher opposing him. The way he just laughs, smiles, nods, and shuffles throughout the whole thing was pure theater. How do you pitch to this guy? 

The Yankees just provided me with more joy and entertainment in four games than all 162 last year. That whole series was fucking awesome. You can talk about Berti's great diving play to save the game in the bottom of the 9th, Verdugo's catch, the bullpen dominance, Oswaldo, Volpe, you name it, there's a ton of good that came out of this series, but it all starts with Juan Soto's energy. 

This man is a culture changer. The intensity he brings to the park everyday is infectious. He's exactly what this organization has been looking for. Thank you San Diego. 

The scariest part is that Aaron Judge did absolutely nothing over the course of these four games. He had a shortened spring and is still getting in his groove. Soon enough that'll change and this hells cape for opposing pitchers will get even worse. It's only four games, but man is this fun. 


I will pay $100 a chicken bucket if it means keeping Soto in pinstripes for the next decade. Friday's first home game against Toronto is gonna be a holiday for Yankee fans. People are gonna be at the bars at 7am just waiting to get inside the stadium. These are the Yankees I've so badly missed. All Hal needs to see is the excitement in the air for that game to see there's really no number to high to pay this beautiful man. 

P.S. Listen to how pumped John Sterling was after the win. Soto giving this man new life