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'We're Fucking Winners' - Purdue's Final Four Demons Are Gone, Zach Edey Cemented Himself As A College Hoops Legend

And there it is. Sure, someone had to win a battle of noted choke artists and finally get rid of the notion they can't make a Final Four. But all that matters is getting to a Final Four. That's what Purdue just did and they did it with Zach Edey being the best player on the court. I know we've all made fun of Edey plenty of times, called it impossible to enjoy watching him play basketball. But that's because of refs, it was never because of what he can do. 

Yeah, he went to the line 22 times, but remember, we're talking about Tennessee here. They foul a ton. This is how Barnes wants to play defense. This wasn't as egregious as some of the other shit we've seen with Edey. Not to mention, Edey HAD to do this. That's how good Knecht was for Tennessee - thank God, I don't ever have to see him play for Tennessee again. Loyer had his moments, Jones hit the big 3 late in the game, but Edey had to match Knecht. 

This is what was missing for Painter and Edey though. You need a Final Four at some point on your resume and he finally got it. It wasn't a Mickey Mouse one too, I'll give Purdue credit there. This wasn't them running through a bunch of mid-majors or something like that. Sure, they'll have the caveat of playing Tennessee who quite literally can't make a Final Four ever. Shame. A real shame. 

You know what? I think Zach Edey didn't get enough foul calls now that I think about it. 

But back to Purdue, this is what had to happen. They've lost to a 16 seed, a 15 seed and a 13 seed the last 3 years. They were labeled choke artists. We all can't watch a Zach Edey game without firing off a take one way or the other. It's a war among college basketball fans. They are following the Virginia script just the argument being slow offense to guy just being tall. Now we all will cheer for fouls if they play Duke in the Final Four. 

PS: If Tennessee fans want to be pissed, be pissed that every player not named Dalton Knecht went 10-for-31 from the field. That's why you lost.