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Incompetent: The NC State/Texas Women's Elite Eight Game Has The 3-Point Lines Painted At Different Lengths, Teams Agree To Play Through It

Just a quick break here from the Purdue/Tennessee foul fest, I mean Edey free throw contest, well, you know. Any time I can dunk on the NCAA and call them out for incompetence, I simply have to. We have an Elite Eight game being played where teams are shooting at different distances. This ain't BASEketball or some XFL rules coming into play here. The teams said fuck it, we'll figure it out. Mind you t here have been 4 games dealing with this. Pretty sure one is the men's distance, one is the women's distance. For sure has an impact on the game! 

How does this happen? This isn't some preseason Tournament. We're talking about the most watched women's Tournament ever. Women's basketball has never been as popular as it is this season and we have an Elite Eight game where teams said fuck it, stop the delay. That's where we're at. It should be nearly impossible for this to happen at any level. It doesn't happen in JV basketball let alone any major event like this. 

That said, fucking hilarious a guy is walking it off. Simple way to solve anything and everything when it comes to distance. Heel to toe, count how many steps. Closest to the pin, where to put furniture, easiest way to solve anything, besides, you know, an Elite Eight game. Need to know who this guy is and what he said after counting it off. This side is 8 steps, this one is 6! Problem solved! 

The fact it took this long for them to figure it out says all you need to know about those in charge with NCAA related events.