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After Getting Their Brakes Beat Off In Back-To-Back Games In Baltimore, The Angels Set A Record For The Quickest Team Meeting To Try And Stop The Season From Spiraling

Greg Fiume. Getty Images.

Let's just say it, the Angels are bad. Like really bad. 2 games in and they've already been on the wrong end of 2 embarrassing losses to the Orioles by a combined score of 24-7, with a majority of those Angels runs coming in garbage mop up time. 2 hits on Opening Day and one was a Mike Trout home run, you can't make this stuff up. Neither game was relatively close either. 

On Saturday in the 6th inning the Orioles scored 9 runs, it took the Angels 46 pitches to get their first out of the inning, it was a hitting clinic. Or a pitching disaster. I think it was both actually. 

I think Angels fans knew they were in for a long season this year, at least I hope they knew that. No more Shohei Ohtani, Mike Trout saying he wanted to stay and then the team went out and did nothing, and then Anthony Rendon basically saying he'd rather do Sudoku in the dugout than play baseball, it's shaping up to be a banner year for the Angels and we're 2 games in. But at least losing the game was the end of the issues, right? Wrong.

TEAM MEETING TIMEEEEEE. 2 games into the baseball season and we've got Ron Washington holding a team meeting. That can't be good. I like Ron Washington too, I like him a ton. Think he's great, but he doesn't deserve this stuff, he deserves better. First 2 games of his Angels manager career and he had to watch his pitchers get absolutely throttled and his hitters just sit there watching strike 3 after strike 3 go right by. What do you even say in the meeting? Trying to not let your season spiral with 160 games left is wild. Tough start of the season for the Angels and it's only going to get worse once Rendon and Trout eventually get hurt, gonna be some baddddd baseball played out there. Only 6 more months of this for Los Angeles, just 6 more months until Mike Trout will be front row in Brazil while the Eagles play their opener. Buckle up Angels fans, it's going to be a long one.