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Nobody Is More Locked In For The UConn/Illinois Game Than Noted Basketball Guy Larry David

This has to be on purpose right? 

This is life and TV blending. I love how Larry David just had to catch this game, sitting next to the Orange Crush and needed that leg up. When you're rich, you sit however the fuck you want. Seems like a simple rule to live by. Plus, Larry David is the one who can get away with this. It looks preposterous to be sitting like this during an Elite Eight game, but it's Larry David we're talking about here. 

I know Curb is ending, but I need a one-off with Dan Hurley and Larry David together. They seem like they would fit together. Plus we need more balds together. As for the game itself? Illinois' strategy of driving directly at Donovan Clingan is why they are down. Clingan is dominating this game and Illinois is just trying to get him in foul trouble/rely on finishing at the rim. It ain't working. Let Domask play booty ball. Get Shannon some looks. I mean UConn can't make a shot yet they still have the lead. They look like the wagon everyone keeps thinking they are. 

Give us a great second half. We need it, Larry needs it, America needs it! I want to see UConn play a close game at least once in the Tournament.