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It's March 30 and We Already Have What Will Be the Worst Missed Call in MLB This Season

Holy shit. I'm screaming.

How do we keep doing this year after year? I know it's the second game of the season, but any one game between the Braves and Phillies could end up being the one that decides the NL East and that insane call took what would have been an inning-ending strikeout and turned it into an RBI walk that eventually led to a three-run inning for the Phillies — Max Fried was also taken out of the game in the first inning after recording just two outs. When in the calendar this call occurred is irrelevant; it could have a massive impact on the season.

We literally have the technology to assure this doesn't happen, use it at other levels of professional baseball and yet refuse to implement it at the level where the calls matter the most. It's baffling. I want the minor league challenge system added to MLB by the All-Star break. There is absolutely no excuse for calls like this to continue to go unchecked and affect the outcomes of games.

Nick Castellanos started walking back to the dugout and had to do a double take to make sure the home plate umpire actually called that a ball. At least we really know baseball is back now that we have umpires ruining games again.