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Conor McGregor/Jake Gyllenhaal Rehearsing The Final Fight Scene In 'Road House' Is An Awesome Behind-The-Scenes Clip


I thought this video was pretty sick regardless of whether or not you even liked/watched the new 'Road House' movie, just as a cool behind-the-scenes look at how they make action movies. It'd probably be entertaining to me regardless of who was in it, too, because I really dig stuff like this, but the fact that it's actually Conor McGregor and Jake Gyllenhaal and not stuntmen (and they're improvising some moments that made it into the final cut!) is pretty incredible. Plus one of the stunt coordinators has an eye patch....

Pretty badass.

I won't spoil the conclusion of the fight - and don't get your hopes up for a classic 'Road House' throat rip, because they didn't recreate that - but it's pretty sweet and had the whole theater cheering at the premiere. Some real high stakes stuff. 

I just wish they got the moment Conor McGregor accidentally punched Jake Gyllenhaal in the face on camera, because it sounds hilarious….

Some of my favorite fight choreography rehearsal stuff like this comes from 'Revenge of the Sith' - which had ELITE behind-the-scenes DVD bonus features….

….and the John Wick franchise has tons of great clips as well….

….and even though it's not a fight rehearsal, I have to include Robert Downey Jr and Jeff Bridges working out a vital scene in the first 'Iron Man' just because the video is so awesome….

If one streamer wants to get a leg up on all the others, they should get exclusive bonus features like the behind-the-scenes videos above. I miss that from DVD and Blu Ray releases since everything has gone digital.