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Rhys Hoskins May Not Be In Philly Anymore But Is Still Daddy To The Mets

You can take Rhys out of Philly but you can't take the Philly outta Rhys. At least not in one short offseason. So yesterday the Mets got 1-hit on Opening Day at home and took out their WAHHHHHHHS on Rhys Hoskins sliding into second base. Benches cleared, words were exchanged, Mets were mocked. To each their own. Rhys has had a history of sticking it to the #LOLMets over his almost decade in Philly. Here he is hitting a moonshot and casually taking a 45-min stroll around the bases: 

Fast forward his first AB today and Rhys naturally entered the batters box to a chorus of boo's with two runners in scoring position...and promptly shut shit up on the first pitch: 

Annnnd the second AB of the day at Citi Field: 

The man just not only castrated the Mets - AGAIN - but also killed Vinny Chase because Rhys Hoskins is officially Queens Boulevard. Seriously. So much so the Mets broadcast booth, feaurting all-time St. Louis Cardinals great/MVP Keith Hernandez, is calling for some alleged head hunting. 

And naturally the scumshit Mets complied…

Disgusting. The Mets can't win on their own so they need to take it out on everyone else. Absolute crumbbumbs on the organization from Stevie skating out of felonies with the SEC to the bottom of the fanbase.  

Speaking of the latter (and I love him), pray for Tank. And the Mets dance crew apparently. #LOLMets.