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Sean Strickland Says Dave Portnoy Needs To "Rethink His Life" For Loving Miss Peaches Too Much

When former UFC Middleweight Champion Sean Strickland took aim at Dave last night for *checks notes* loving his dog and not having any kids, I was a little surprised/not surprised all at the same time. Surprised just because of how random a Portnoy/Strickland beef seemed - especially over Miss Peaches (when she was in the hospital no less!) - but not surprised because Strickland loves stirring the pot on Twitter and says dumb shit like this all the time. 

Essentially if you're not a steel mill worker concerned with going to war/protecting the second amendment/reproducing, you're apart of the "sickness" that has infected the country in his eyes....

He says a lot of the same "back in my day" generational stuff you hear from boomers despite being 33 years old. "We used to have Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash. Now we have no jobs, no hope, and no cash!" 

Honestly, I can't even imagine how much he would despise my existence if he knew I were a scrawny ass comic book nerd who's never been in a fight in his life covering MMA. He'd probably puke in his mouth and pull a quick Google search to find out if murder was legal in whatever state he was currently in….  

I'm definitely apart of the sickness he speaks of - but I digress….

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Strickland went on to explain in the replies that he likes Barstool - "good republican people" (lol) - but that Dave is turning into an "empty shell" without kids trying to "fill that void" with Miss Peaches….

….and Strickland then added that "life is good" - but the fact that he doesn't have any kids himself makes him feel like less of a man….

I don't even know how I'd respond to that, because my brain is fundamentally wired differently than Sean's (in more ways than one) - but I hope he becomes more secure with himself one day. Like, I myself want kids, but I'd never think someone was "less of a man" for not wanting to have kids. That thought would never even cross my mind in a million years; and I could be wrong, but I think most people would agree. 

Whatever, though - it'd be nice if Strickland could just live his life how he wants and not try to push that way of living on everyone else. Especially when coming after Miss Peaches in the midst of a health crisis (BAN XYLITOL IN GUM)….

Not to mention the irony in a professional fighter telling someone worth hundreds of millions of dollars to "rethink their life" just because they love their dog. Good news, though - Miss Peaches got to go home today and she's gonna be alright….

I guess we know who Dave and Miss Peaches will be rooting for in Sean Strickand's next fight now. New Dave Portnoy enemy unlocked!

P.S. If you're reading this, Sean Strickland, I want to make it clear that I would appreciate it if you didn't kick my ass for this blog. Thank you.