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Houston Was Robbed Again - Jamal Shead's Brutal Injury Is A Reminder That Houston Is On One Of Unluckiest Streaks We've Ever Seen In March

Yeah, injuries happen in sports. It sucks. It sucks even more when you have limited time in college basketball, you're probably the best guard in the country and on a team who legit could have won a national title. That's what happened to Jamal Shead last night with this ankle injury: 

The game was over the moment this happened. I don't care how close Houston kept it, that's what they'd do anyways when you have that team. They still defend their ass off, but lost a go-to guy, a rebounder and like I said easily the best two-way guard in the country. He was reported going to try to go in the second half despite being seen on a scooter. Part of me was legit shocked that he didn't. 

I say all that to just reiterate how damn heartbreaking these videos are: 

Of course it was fucking Duke. Of course they are the team who benefits from Jamal Shead going down with an injury. Rico once wrote a blog saying he felt bad for Kansas in the NCAA Tournament because of close losses, injuries and blowouts. Yes, Kansas, a team who has won 2 titles in the last 20 years. Terrible! You know who we should feel bad for? Houston: 

That's bad luck right there. That's worse than whatever bad luck is. These were all teams who could have won a title and instead we're talking about what-ifs. You know, Big Cat makes a good point: 

Makes you think!