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A Technical Difficulty Caused a Division II Final Four Game To Be Broadcast With a Persistent Griddy Cam

Viewers of the Division II Final Four matchup between West Texas A&M-Minnesota State — statistically speaking, there have to be at least a few of those — were treated to an unusual yet equally satisfying camera accessory for part of the game on Friday when the Griddy Cam border took over the broadcast. If you watch ball long enough, you'll see something you've never seen before.

While I'm certain this was unintentional, I think this adds some production value to the DII Final Four. The MAC plays football on Tuesdays because it needs to do something different to make its games more appealing and relevant. I didn't even know West Texas A&M and Minnesota State were battling with a spot in the national championship game on the line, but if you told me there was a DII game being broadcast exclusively with Griddy Cam, I would tune in for a few minutes. You don't get this kind of whimsy on CBS.

I'd like to propose a new NCAA rule — for the last few years of the organization's existence — that in any basketball game in which a team takes a 30-point lead, Griddy Cam is automatically triggered. You just made the second halves of hundreds of meaningless games throughout the season must-watch television. You're welcome.

We the People are demanding more Griddy Cam.