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Wake Up With Illinois vs. Arizona (2005 FULL GAME)

The last time we played in the Elite 8, we made history by defeating Arizona in the greatest college comeback of all time. 13 points with 3 minutes left to play and that still wasn't enough to beat the Illini. 

You think I'm joking but I'm being dead serious when I say it was the greatest nights of my life. I just turned 18. We were in Brian Omiciecinski's bedroom gassing La Cross lagers that his cousin Paul got for us. Jason you were there. We got irresponsibly hammered then I believe got caught sneaking 151 from my dad's liquor cabinet later that night. Neil brought over the White Castle racks. It was fuckin awesome. 

That was almost 20 years ago. That's the last time Illinois played for the Final 4. Almost twenty fuckin years ago fellas. Most of the barstool employees were watching bluey and shitting their pants. I was also shitting my pants just under different circumstances. 

I'd be a college freshman that next fall. We'd do plenty of other dumb shit along the way to graduating with honors, getting a masters in Accounting, playing special teams in a Rose Bowl and competing in 49 games for the varsity program. There was so much dumb shit, and it was awesome because Illinois rocks and I had a great time doing cool shit with my friends. 

We're back today. We got a bunch of dads taking the day off. Group chats are flying. Elite 8 against the absolute best team and coach in the country. You couldn't script a better Saturday. 

And if it seems in doubt, remember the 2005 Arizona game. Anything is possible. ANYTHING.