#FasoliToZero Was A Movement With A Happy Ending

We caught wind of a new hashtag making it's way around the Barstool universe towards the end of Friday's show. It was #FasoliToZero referencing our excellent videographer/editor, Nick Fasoli. He had just tweeted that he was looking so forward to reaching 10,000 followers and it was all he ever wanted. 


But we missed this interaction between Fasoli and our guy Jack McCarthy.

Jack is a great guy and has to deal with legal implications of some of our messaging, so this response got some snickers. But then Fasoli went over the top.

That caught the attention of the social boys and the hashtag was born. 

We had Jack on to discuss.


And while it may have been a rough couple of hours for Fasoli, it all worked out in the end.

Congrats to Fasoli, who is now at 11k+ followers. Well deserved.