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Things You Hate To See: Jordan Montgomery Reportedly Didn't Want To Sign With The Red Sox "Because He Wants To Win"

Love when a guy just speaks his mind, love it even more when it's a slight towards the Boston Red Sox. Jordan Montgomery making sure Yankees fans will always love him with the comments about why he didn't want to sign with Boson is because he wanted to win. Just perfect, 10/10, no notes. Jon Heyman wrote about it yesterday and it really is music to my ears. 

We all know how bad the Red Sox are going to be this year but I still can't get enough of it. Boston and Montgomery were linked all offseason and that seemed to pick up steam recently before he agreed to a one-year deal with $25 million with a player option for $20 for 2025 if Montgomery makes 10 starts for the snakes, so he's absolutely cashing in as a member of the defending NL Champions. Maybe the Rex Sox were offering something in the same ballpark, but man how can you not love his reason? The Rex Sox simply aren't good enough for Jordo. 

It's been no secret that the fans in Boston are upset with their ownership and their spending patterns and comments made from the offseason about spending money. Nothing seems to be going right for the Red Sox then they turn around and see the guy they so desperately wanted that they sucked, that's why he could never sign there. The good thing about Boston being bad is that when they're bad, they're bad. It's either last place or World Series, no in-between So at least they're usually entertaining when they're bad. 

But seriously, if you're Montgomery why on earth would you consider going to Boston over Arizona? Except money I guess, but there is nothing Boston does better than Arizona. It should have always been a no-brainer, but at least Montgomery gave us this awesome reason. Any chance to remind people that the Red Sox are bad you just have to do it. Montgomery is a real one for calling it how he sees it, Boston stinks.