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Miracles, DJ Burns And Now Complete Ass Kickings - We Need To Stop Being Logical And Just Embrace NC State As A Team Of Destiny

You want to talk about a fucking awesome run? It's this right here. I keep saying it but it doesn't seem like they are Cinderella. Maybe it's because they've won a national title before. Maybe it's because they are an ACC school. Maybe it's because they have America's Favorite Big Fella and a guard in DJ Horne who can go get 20 whenever he has to. 

But remember it all goes back to this:

Actually, that's a lie. It goes back before that when they were barely up on Louisville late in the game after being tied with 5 to go to start the whole run.

But for whatever reason, whether it's shooting variance, defense, figuring out roles, a combo of it all, we have NC State in the Elite Eight. It's fucking awesome. They are legit fun to watch and look the part. This feels different even than Oregon State a couple years ago. They even got guys crying! 

Love it. Care about shit! It's cool to care about shit. This is how you should be reacting to this NC State run. You're one win away from a Final Four. We're two weeks removed from debating who would be taking this job over. hat's why the NCAA Tournament fucking rules. We get 40 more minutes at least of DJ Burns. Win for America.