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This Play Right Here Is Exactly Why It's Impossible To Truly Enjoy Watching Zach Edey Play Basketball

Let me be clear, this isn't a Zach Edey isn't good debate. He is good. He won back-to-back NPOY for the first time since Ralph Sampson for a reason. This is a refs are fucking clueless statement. They are even more clueless when it comes to Zach Edey. I know it's 'tough' to ref him when he's a giant. You know what? Jobs are tough. Headlines are tough, you don't see me complaining! But this? This is fucking atrocious. This is Zach Edey getting away with roughly 6 fouls on one possession AND Purdue getting the ball. 

This is why it's impossible to enjoy watching him play. Every game becomes a ref argument. You can't just sit back and watch a game without getting pissed off - unless you're a Purdue fan. I know y'all enjoy it. I would too if I had him. It's a cheat code to a degree. Meanwhile you had some questionable calls against Ben Gregg early on in the game. 

Need more proof? This Gonzaga/Purdue game has been awesome so far. Mark Few is delivering an incredible coaching performance. Andrew Nembhard is showing up early on. Yet the one viral moment, the one moment all people are pointing at is this moment. It's why it's impossible to enjoy watching it. I don't even blame Edey, if you're going to get any advantage for being a giant, why not? See how far you can get away with it and make refs call fouls.