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GOOD FRIDAY SCHEFTY BOMB: Eagles Trade Hometown Product Hasson Reddick To The Jets

Oh just your good ol' fashioned Good Friday Shefty/Howie bomb sending their best defensive pass rusher* on the team out of town. During an Opening Day meltdown of the Phillies, no less! Remember, Jesus died for this. Probably.  

*Reddick is only the best defensive pass rusher on the team when he allowed to rush the passer, which unfortunately for some reason was NEVER during the shit end of last season. 

So...the Eagles basically traded Reddick for Huff and a 2nd-3rd round pick. I guess that's cool? Would've loved to see Reddick slaying with Huff or at least a 1-2 punch. Especially since this Eagles defense not only lost Fletcher Cox but, ya know, kinda really sucked last season so it could use all the talent it can get. But now Nolan Smith gets a chance to be who we thought he be when drafted in the first round from the Bulldogs. 

It just kinda sucks all around as Reddick was a hometown Camden/Temple product and was pumped beyond belief to be coming back home two short seasons ago. Yeah, the trade/requested trade rumors swirled around for a bit now. But still. Would've been great if it would've worked out in the long term. This guy got Philly.  

Good luck up 95 in that trashheap that is Metlife, #7. Protect those legs at all cost on that turf. Go Birds.