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Draymond Green Cannot Be Stopped, This Time He Tries To Kick Grant Williams In The Dick

Brock Williams-Smith. Getty Images.

I almost can't even believe that I am writing another one of these blogs. Actually, that's not true. Of course I'm writing another one of these blogs because as long as Draymond Green is going to be active and in a game that takes place on an NBA court, he's going to do something fucked up.

Tonight's play? How about a true throwback. We've seen Draymond go back to his roots this week when it comes to playing the hits, and anyone who has watched Draymond in his career knows that this usually includes some sort of kick to the dick.

Enter Grant Williams' dick and balls

There's just no way. Another vintage Draymond move, the classic kick to the dick/leg extension play. Just like what we saw with Patty Mills, it comes on another iffy 50/50 type play where you could say he's just trying to gain his balance or something along those lines but again, we all know the deal with Draymond. He knew he was kicking Grant in the dick just like he knew he was doing it to Steven Adams and countless others.

The fact that even after the week Draymond has had that he STILL goes out and does something like this is so insane I almost think I have to respect it. There's being committed to the bit and then there's whatever the hell Draymond is doing. He JUST talked about needing to be better and stop hurting his team, and even though nothing happened from that moment, the action itself tells us all we need to know. Draymond is still going to Draymond no matter what, and sometimes that involves kicking guys in the dick. Always has, always will.

A truly banner week for Draymond where first he decided to try and rip Patty Mills' head off

in a classic vintage Draymond move. That should have been our sign that he was back to his old ways now that the Warriors are desperate for wins. Win by any means necessary or something like that.

Then, the VERY next night he gets tossed 4 minutes into the game against the Magic because he decided to go off on an official about a play that he wasn't even involved in

Immediately after that game Draymond went on his podcast and talked about how he had to be better and whatever the new line of bullshit has become, so it's very funny that in his very next game here we are again with him pulling his old routine. I actually commend Grant for keeping his shit together, because anyone who kicks another guy in the dick like that is a real asshole. I feel like if Grant wanted to lose his shit it would have been more than warranted, so good on him for keeping his composure. Especially since the two of them have a bit of a history dating back to the Finals, I was certain we were going to get another "HOLLLDDDD ME BACCK" type of NBA fight.

Seriously though, it is getting embarrassing at this point for Draymond. Just be normal! Just play basketball! Stop doing shady shit! I get it, this is what the NBA has created with the way they've babied Draymond for years, but enough already. It's getting sad at this point.