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The Mets Veteran Of The Day For Opening Day 2024 Is...Seymour Weiner!

Damn it feels good to have baseball in our lives. The grass is green, the sun is shining, and the troops are being respected. Because of that #RE2PECT, I am going to say this is not some Bart Simpson prank call to Moe's brought to life. Nope, it's just another example of Mets baseball being where the absurd meets the impossible. On Opening Day no less! 

I don't know how New York bringing back National League baseball after the gutless Dodgers and Giants left town resulted in the Mets being a content machine of ridiculousness. But I have no problem embracing that this is the life us Mets fans have chosen and look forward to whatever surprise the Baseball Gods unleash on us next.

So thank you to Seymour for his service along with this hero, who will forever make me smile from what is in my humble opinion the greatest pizza review ever.