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Bill Belichick is Reportedly Adding a New Title to His List of Achievements: Author

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

Once is a great while, are those humans who walk among us who are capable of accomplishing great things in many different disciplines. True polymaths who manage to be experts at seemingly whatever they try. Leonardo Da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, inventor and an expert at human anatomy. Ben Franklin was also an inventor, publisher, diplomat and scientist. Napoleon wasn't merely the greatest land war strategist of all time, he was a statesman, created the Napoleonic Codes, managed the economy of his empire and dictated the minutae of French school curriculum and uniforms. Elon Musk is dominating the electric vehicle market, runs a social media conglomerate, built a worldwide sattelite network, is getting us to Mars and pumps out another baby every two and half weeks or so. 


Well to the mighty company of these seemingly inexhaustibly talented metahumans, we must add the name Bill Belichick. Coach. Philanthropist. Emmy Award-winning television star. Comedian. Physicist. And to that curriculum vitae we can now add, Man of Letters:

Source - Bill Belichick is planning on writing a book, according to officials briefed on his plans.

The nature of the book is not yet fully known. In light of how he was represented in Apple TV’s recent documentary, his side of his legendary nearly quarter-century run would be of great interest. However, Belichick may just write about his views on leadership or a topic in that genre.

The mind reels at the possibilities of this. 

Could it be a Tell-All book by the man who's spent 50 years in the public eye telling as little as possible? 

Is he planning an autobiography? 

Will he reveal his side of the story as the central figure at the heart of the most successful sports Dynasty since the Celtics of the 1960s? 

Perhaps a guide to his coaching philosophy? Be it football or lacrosse?

A How-To management book, the kind CEOs write that's supposed to be applicable to all aspects of your career?

A Self-Help book, maybe? Offering his insight into wellness, relationships, philosophy, spirituality and the like?

A military history book? The kind you automatically start buying your dad once he hits his 50th birthday?

A cookbook, perchance?

Or is it possible I've got this all wrong? Maybe he's going for straight fiction. Perhaps he's always had a great novel in him. A spy thriller filled with espionage and double agents and femme fetales double crossing the hero before falling for him. Or an epic, sweeping romance with flaxon-haired rogues and buxom wenches with hearts of gold getting their bodices ripped in the thrill of passion. All set against the backdrop of the handsome protagonist defeating all his foes and, despite impossible odds, building a Dynasty out of the ashes of utter failure. While beset on all side by enemies who accuse him of being a fraud and try to tear him down. 

Obviously, I'm just spitballing here. But I'll take any of these. Hell, Belichick can have any of these ideas I just elevator-pitched him, and I'll take what's left. I've been wracking my brain for my next book idea. What were my others you ask? Allow me to answer. Done and done.) But as his second closest literary friend after the late, great David Halberstam, I can say in all sincerity I'm prepared to have whatever topic he decides upon be better than my drivel. 

I'm sure there's a Pulitzer in his future. And I say this not because I'm just offering to write it with him. But because I believe the world deserves to know the innermost thoughts of this charismatic but enigmatic genius. Clear the Bestseller Lists. Now that he finally has the time to sit down and write for the first time in his life, the next literary masterpiece is on its way. And we'll all be better for it.