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Tom Izzo's Legendary WAR DRILL Includes Putting Basketball Players In Football Pads To Practice Rebounding

On today's Pardon My Take... TOM IZZO! The legendary coach for the Michigan State Spartans joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on the show to discuss his career, tough coaching, his famous WAR drill, having a hoarse voice, and tons more. There were plenty of great stories told on today's episode, but something that caught my eye included the aforementioned WAR DRILL. 

Just the name of it makes it sound more intense than anything else, so our guys asked Coach Izzo what exactly goes into it. I'll let the Hall of Famer explain the details...

I can see the future. We will be performing this drill on the basketball court at some point soon. It is going to be absolute chaos, someone will probably get hurt, and there might be some arguments here or there.

But now that Coach Izzo has filled us in on this drill, we have to give it a shot. Just hoping that there are no injuries that take place. That is the main priority.

January. February. Izzo.