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The Rangers Need To Fire Whoever Decided That Their World Series Banner Should Look Like This

This may come off as salty since the Rangers swept and embarrassed the Orioles last year, and I know people will chirp and say I can't comment on a World Series banner since my team last won one 6 years before I was born.....but what the shit is this Texas? That's the banner you unveil? That white cloth with writing on it? That thing hanging alllll the way up there? What is that, a banner for ants? It's kind of a first world complaint, but if that is your banner you are displaying you have to give us something a little better. It's literally a bedsheet. I'd want a few more details, not just the logo screen printed on there like a Fanatics jersey. That looks awful, it looks pathetic. It looks cheap if you ask me, which none of you did. 

A banner for winning a World Series is 1000000000000 times better than not having a banner at all, but this is laughable and lazy. Slapped the logo on there and called it a day. No creativity, no uniqueness, no flavor, no flair, it's the unseasoned grilled chicken of World Series banners. Did they forget that they had to get a banner and made one like the day before? And I know that place is huge, but it looks a little odd being all the way up there tucked away in the attic. I can't believe that is what they landed on. Probably weeks and weeks of meeting and phone calls and this is what the brass came up with. Woof. Again, you won a World Series and thats the goal, and I'd put up with a shitty banner for a World Series as well, this was just lazy. It looks tacky if you ask me. Tough look for the Rangers and that handmade banner.