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Good Luck Finding A Dumber Decision In This NCAA Tournament Than The Jae'Lyn Withers Shot That Cost UNC The Game

Not to sound dramatic but outside of like Chris Webber calling timeout or Matthew Fisher-Davis of Vandy fouling and forgetting the score, this would be up there for dumbest decision ever in the NCAA Tournament. Look, there are 15 second left on the shot clock. You have the lead! Oh not to mention you're a 21% three point shooter! It's never your time in this scenario! You want more proof? Look at the bench. When a guy is wide open from the top of the key and shoots it, typically people start to get excited. Everyone looked defeated, not what you want to see.

 At least Withers followed it up with some lock down defense 


You just can't do this. I don't care if RJ Davis was 0-for-100 from three like he was tonight. You had the lead! Withers had to be the 5th option out there, especially with 15 seconds on the shot clock. The only thing that may rival this in losing a game is Bacot missing this dunk somehow: 

Woof. And, hey, Grant Nelson was awesome. No doubt about that. Alabama just kept firing and running because that's what they do. But when you're up 1 and you launch this three? Books. It's over. Some are saying that Withers spent too much time with Kenny Payne and thought he was still at Louisville, we can't rule that out. But then again Hubert Davis refused to play his best 5. Anyone know why Cadeau was on the bench for basically the entire second half? Weird how that was never mentioned on the broadcast. 

Alabama vs Clemson for a trip to the Final Four. Sure. That's something that happens in basketball. I just can't stop watching this shot by Withers, it's that dumb. I'd love to have that sort of self-confidence, but time and score man. Time and score.